Publication List - 2012

Sl No. Year Staff Name Topic Details Link
1 2012 Ms. Anita Nanda Application of Fuzzy Data Mining in E--Government 1st International conference on Computing, Communication and Sensor Network,CCSN-2012, Purushottam Institute of Engineering & Technology, Rourkela, Nov 22-23, 2012,pp.188-193 View
2 2012 Ms. Anita Nanda Green Computing: A Solution for Environmental Pollution National Conference on Environment & Pollution View
3 2012 Ms. Anita Nanda Data Mining Techniques UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Recent Advances in Mathematical Sciences and its allied areas (NSRAMAA-2012), Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, M. R. Autonomous College, Vizianagaram, Dec 27-28, 2012,pp.15 View
4 2012 Ms. Anita Nanda Privacy and Security issues in Cloud Computing IJACR, Vol. 2, No. 4, Issue. 6, 2012 View
5 2012 Mr. Sunil B. Maharana In-vitro regeneration from node and leaf explants of jatropha curcus (L.) and evaluation of genetic fidelity through RAPD markers Indian journal of Biotechnology Vol. 11,july2012,pp 280-287. View
6 2012 Dr. G. Raghavendrudu Marine acrtinobacterial diversity in indian mangroves Recent advances in marine sciences GVP Visakhapatnam, ISBN 2341876-12-876, 123-134 View
7 2012 Dr. G. Raghavendrudu Distribution of heterotrophic bacteria in meghadri magrove ecosystem Journal of marine biological association of india vol 41 PP 110-116 View
8 2012 Dr. G. Raghavendrudu Studies on density distribution of actinobacteria in gautami - godavari estuarine system Journal of marine biological association of india vol 42 PP 123-127 View
9 2012 Dr. G. Raghavendrudu Studies on production of antibiotic from marine streptomyces Asian journal of microbiology and Biotechnology, vol 12, pp 43-47 View
10 2012 Dr. G. Raghavendrudu Studies on actino bacterial diversity in mangroves (an inventory) Indian journal of marine sciences, vol 123, pp 17-21 View
11 2012 Mr. D. Venkata Ramu solidwaste management by EIA system View
12 2012 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy In silico based identification and characterization of some novel drug targets in case of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv Drug invention today 2012, 4(8):424-429. View
13 2012 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy Variable pH based molecular Dynamics Simulation of type II Antifreeze Protein Advances in Applied Science Research 2012, 3 (3):1545-1550. View
14 2012 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy Evaluation of anti-influenza activity of Curcumin derivatives by docking and pharmacophore modeling approach International Journal of Pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences 2012.4(1):469-473. View
15 2012 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy Homology modeling and molecular dynamics study of plant Defensin DM-AMP1 J Biochem Tech. 2012, 3(4): 309-311. View
16 2012 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy Phytoarthradb: A Data Base of Plants Containing Anti-Arthritis Compounds Advanced Bio Tech 2013, 12(9)1-3. View
17 2012 Mr.K.R.J.Srikanth Cellular networking optimization in ofdma system and comparison NCVComs2012 Vignan University (10-11 Feb 2012 Guntur) View
18 2012 Mr.K.R.J.Srikanth Image encryption using binary parity check method ICACP2012 Godavari IET Rajahumundry(2-3 march 2012) ISBN No: View
19 2012 Mr. Binay Kumar Nayak Conf- Intenational Conference on Electronics & Communication Engineering(ICECE-2012) ICECE-28AP12-120, 75-79, 978-93-81693 View
20 2012 Mr. Anirban Mitra Some Concepts of Incomplete Multigranulation Based on Rough Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets Advances in Computer Science, Engineering & Applications, 683-693 View
21 2012 Mr. Anirban Mitra An algorithm to achieve k-anonymity and l-diversity anonymisation in social networks Computational Aspects of Social Networks (CASoN), 2012 Fourth International ... View
22 2012 Mr. Anirban Mitra On Application of Rough Set and Neighborhood Theory in Social Network International Journal on Recent Trends in Engineering & Technology 7 (3), 4 View
23 2012 Mr. Anirban Mitra Incomplete Multigranulation Based on Rough Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets Universal Journal of Applied computer Science and Technology 2 (1), 118-124 View
24 2012 Mr. Anirban Mitra Clustering Analysis in Social Network using Rough set and Soft set Universal Journal of Applied Computer Science and Technology 2 (2), 282-285 View
25 2012 Mr. Anirban Mitra Test Case Generation Using Activity Diagram and Sequence Diagram Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Computing, 121-129 View
26 2012 Mr. B.S.Panda Mathematical Sciences International Research Journal, Volume 1, Issue 2, pp. 728-734. ISSN: 2278-8697, 2012. View
27 2012 Mr. B.S.Panda International Journal of Computer Applications ISBN: 973-93-80867-87-0, 2012. View
28 2012 Mr. Aditya Sahu Online hotel accommodation using hybrid recommender system. International Conference on SEMCCO &FANCCO 2011, by Springer,vol 3,2012.pp 53-56. View
29 2012 Mr. Aditya Sahu Data mining techniques. International Conference by IEEE hydrabad section on Advances in communication, navigation & Computer network, Andhra university, India, 2012. pp.47-49. View
30 2012 Mr. Aditya Sahu A web mining approach for hotel recommendation International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, and Computer science by IRD, India, Bhubaneswar, 2012. pp.15-21. View
31 2012 Mr. Aditya Sahu Framework for cyber security National Conference by Sambalpur University on ATCIT,Sambalpur University, Odisha, India, 2013.pp.51-53. View
32 2012 Mr. Aditya Sahu Vertical partitioning method in data mining International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information Technology (ACSIT), ITResearch india, vizag, 2012. pp-18-20. View
33 2012 Ms. Monalisha Sahu Data Mining Techniques. International Conference By IEEE Hydrabad Section on Advances in Communication, Navigation & Computer Network, Andhra University, India, 2012. pp. 47-49. View
34 2012 Ms. Monalisha Sahu A web Mining Approach For Hotel Recommendation International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Science By IRD, India, Bhubaneswar, 2012. pp. 15-21. View
35 2012 Ms. Monalisha Sahu Vertical Partitioning Method in Data Mining International Conference By International Conference View
36 2012 Ms. Anima Naik Hybridization of Rough Set and Differential Evolution Technique for Optimal Features Selection AISC 132, pp. 453 View
37 2012 Ms. Anima Naik Teaching Learning Based Optimization for Neural Networks Learning Enhancement LNCS 7677, pp. 761 View
38 2012 Ms. Anima Naik 0-1 Integer Programming For Generation maintenance Scheduling in Power Systems based on Teaching Learning Based Optimization (TLBO) CCIS 306, pp.53-63 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2012 View
39 2012 Ms. Anima Naik Improvement of initial cluster center of c-means using Teaching learning based optimization Elsevier, Procedia Technology 6 ( 2012 ) 428 View
40 2012 Ms. Anima Naik QoS multicast routing using Teaching learning based Optimization Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2012, page 49-55 View
41 2012 Ms. Anima Naik High dimensional real parameter optimization with teaching learning based optimization International Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations, View
42 2012 Ms. Anima Naik Development of a Rule- based Expert System with Fuzzy sets and Fuzzy logic International research journal, Volume 1, Issue 2 , page 728-734 View
43 2012 Dr. G. K. Panda Approximate Equalities on Rough Intuitionistic FuzzySets and an Analysis of Approximate Equalities Intl. Journal of Computer ScienceIssues (IJCSI), Vol.9, Issue 2, No. 3, (March 2012), pp. 371-380. View
44 2012 Dr. G. K. Panda Incomplete Multigranulation Based onRough Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets Universal Journal of Applied Computer Science and Technology (UNIASCIT), vol.2(1), (Jan 2012), pp.118-124. View
45 2012 Dr. G. K. Panda Adaptive K-Means Clustering to Handle Heterogeneous Data using Basic Rough Set Theory the Proc. Of Second Intl. Conf. on (CCIT-2012), Bangalore, Advances in Computer Science and Information Technology Network Communications, LNICST Series, Springer, 84, (Jan 2012), pp. 193-202 View
46 2012 Dr. G. K. Panda Kernel Based K-Means Clustering using Rough Set Proc. Of 2012 Intl. Conf. on Computer Communication and Informatics (ICCCI-2012), IEEE, Coimbatore, India, (Jan2012), pp 1-5. View
47 2012 Dr. G. K. Panda Some concepts of Incomplete Multigranulation based on Rough Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets 2nd Intl. Conf. on Computer Science, Engineering and Applications (ICCSEA-2012), New Delhi, Advances in Intelligent and soft Computing Book Series, Springer, (May 2012), pp.683-694. View
48 2012 Mr. Manobendu Kesari Jena "Improving Computational efficiency of Tentative Data set IOSR Journal of Engineering (IOSRJEN) ISSN: 2250-3021 Volume 2, Issue 6 (June 2012), PP 41-49 View
49 2012 Mr.J.mahesh kumar Design and Implementation of a self motivated Arbitration scheme for ML AHB Busmatrix of ARM IJSETR,VOL-1,ISSUE-4,OCT,2012. View
50 2012 Mr.J.mahesh kumar Design and simulation of FFT processor for OFDMA system using FPGA IRNET,ICRTET, 2012 View
51 2012 Mr.J.mahesh kumar Multi-feature similarity score fusion for image retrieval based on Genetic Algorithm NCSPC-2012,GIET,BBSR View
52 2012 Mr.J.mahesh kumar Implementation of smart sensor with frequency to digital converter for FLOW MEASUREMENT using FPGA IJARST,VOL-1,ISSUE-2,DEC,2012 View