Publication List - 2011

Sl No. Year Staff Name Topic Details Link
1 2011 Ms. Anita Nanda Relational Database through Rough Set approach 2nd International Conference on Recent Trends in Business, Management & IT View
2 2011 Ms. Anita Nanda Performance Evaluation of UMTS-WLAN interworking International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies(IJCSIT), Vol. 2 (2) , 2011,758-765, ISSN: 0975-9646. View
3 2011 Dr. G. Raghavendrudu Production of amylases from actinomycetes Bioflare 2011 View
4 2011 Dr. G. Raghavendrudu Production of Biofuels from algae Advances in Biotechnology 2011 MITS Rayagada View
5 2011 Mr. D. Venkata Ramu Exploration of regional agro wastes for the production of pectinase Aspergillusniger-2011 View
6 2011 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy Prediction of Translycopene binding site of Lycopene cleavage oxygenase enzyme involved in Bixin synthetic pathway: A computational approach. Asian journal of Experimental Biological Sciences.2011.2 (1):47-52. View
7 2011 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy Discovery of some potential HIV Inhibitors as anti-dengue drugs: an Insilco approach. Journal of chemical and pharmaceutical research 2012.4(2):1200-1206. View
8 2011 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy In-silico Comparative study and QSAR analysis of some structural and physiochemical descriptors of Elvitegravir analogs Journal of Young Pharmacists.2011.3(3):246-249. View
9 2011 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy Molecular docking study of HIV NS3 protease inhibitors on Dengue virus, Biotechnol. Bioinf. Bioeng. 2011. 1(2):179-182 View
10 2011 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy . PRTVBase: A Predicted promoter data base of Retro transcribing virus, IJCSE .2011. 2(2):218-221 View
11 2011 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy A comparative 2D QSAR analysis of Levetiracetam & its analogs:- The inhibitor of Glioblastoma, by different statistical techniques:MLR,PLS,SVM,ANN Journal of Global Pharma Technology.2011.3(4):1-13. View
12 2011 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy In-silico Comparative Study and 2D QSAR Analysis of Some Structural and Physiochemical Descriptors of Levetiracetam Analogs. Journal of computer intelligence in Bioinformatics.2011 4(1):151-169. View
13 2011 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy Comparative analysis anti-arthritis property of bowsellic acid and Curcumin derivatives National conference on Recent advances in Biotechnology (NCRB-2011),Rayagada,06 December 2011. View
14 2011 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy Computational basis of gene annotation study of Hepatitis C virus genotypes National conference on Recent advances in Biotechnology (NCRB-2011), Rayagada,06 December 2011. View
15 2011 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy Statistical analysis to evaluate the relationship between structural parameters and sequence divergence in enzymes National conference on Recent advances in Biotechnology (NCRB-2011), Rayagada, 06 December 2011. View
16 2011 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy Analysis of PH variation effect on structure and function of type II antifreeze protein by using Molecular dynamics simulation method International Conference on Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine (ICTERM-2011) NIT Rourkela ,30th September to 2nd October 2011. View
17 2011 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy In-silico docking and QSAR analysis of HIV protease inhibitors as anti-dengue drugs, Omics group conferences, World congress on Biotechnology-2011 March 21-23, 2011.(Further published in Journal of Proteomics and Bioinformatics) View
18 2011 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy In silico based investigation of anti-renal cancer compounds by molecular docking method National seminar on Vedic studies & information technology, 23-24 August 2011 View
19 2011 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy Insilico based modeling study and prediction of antifungal property of plant defensin DM-AMP1 protein .International conference on plant science in post genomic Era, Sambalpur University, February 17-19, 2011. View
20 2011 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy Molecular dynamics study of caspase-8 protein in cryopreserved condition National conference on tissue engineering prospects & challenges, NIT Rourkela January 21-22,2011 View
21 2011 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy Homlogy modeling of Pistia Pastoris Alcohol Dehydrogenase enzyme ,2nd International conferences on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology INCOBS-2011,Annamalai University, February 19-21,2011 View
22 2011 Mr. Raghunath Satpathy Phylogenetic analysis of defensin proteins: A computational approach .2nd International conferences on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology INCOBS-2011, Annamalai University, February 19-21, 2011 View
23 2011 Mr.K.R.J.Srikanth Novel technique of data hiding ICIPVS-2011(Bhubaneswar 29-30 oct 2011) View
24 2011 Mr.K.R.J.Srikanth Cellular networking optimization using multichop dynamic channel assignment at IRNET ICECE 2011) (Bangalore 1-2 oct 2011 ) View
25 2011 Mr.K.R.J.Srikanth A new approach of Data encryption and transmission using video steganography RATTS 2011 (GIET Gunupur )(10-11 Dec 2011). View
26 2011 Mr.K.R.J.Srikanth Optimization channel for cellular network using Multi hop Dynamic Channel Assignment in OFDMA ( IRNET-2011-Bhubaneswar) (10 View
27 2011 Mr.K.R.J.Srikanth Passport photo image & fingerprint authentication using invisible watermarking NCAMES-2011 (29 and 30 june 2011) at A.u college of Engineering. View
28 2011 Mr.J.mahesh kumar concept and development of modular VLIW processor based on FPGA using modified Methodology SP&ES, 8TH -10TH JULY,2011.CMR college of Engineering , HYDERABAD. View
29 2011 Mr. Anirban Mitra Incomplete Multigranulation Based on Rough Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets View
30 2011 Mr. Anirban Mitra A survey on swarm and evolutionary algorithms for web mining applications Swarm, Evolutionary, and Memetic Computing, 9-16 View
31 2011 Mr. B.S.Panda PRATIBHA-2011, PCE, Rourkela, India. View
32 2011 Ms. Anima Naik A new cluster validity measure for simultaneously dealing with datasets having different densities, shapes and sizes and providing optimal partitions International Journal of Applied Research on Information Technology and Computing (IJARITAC), 38-49 View
33 2011 Ms. Anima Naik Data Clustering Based on Teaching-Learning-Based Optimization LNCS 7077, pp. 148 View
34 2011 Dr. G. K. Panda Security Aspects in Mobile Cloud Social Network Services International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Systems (IJEECS), Vol:2, Issue:1, May(2011), pp. 1-10. View
35 2011 Dr. G. K. Panda A Rough Set Based Efficient l -DiversityAlgorithm Intl. Journal of Advances in Applied Science Research, Pelagia Research Library, Vol:2, Issue:3, May(2011), pp. 302-313 View
36 2011 Dr. G. K. Panda A Rough Set Approach to develop an efficient l-diversity Algorithm based on Clustering ICADABAI-2010, IIM Ahmedabad, January 2011, pp. 43(8). View
37 2011 Dr. G. K. Panda A Fast l-diversity Anonymisation Algorithm 3rd Intl. Conf. On Computer Modelling and Simulation (ICCMS-2011), IEEE, Mumbai, India, January (2011), Volume: 2, pp. 648-652. View
38 2011 Dr. G. K. Panda An Improved l 5th International Conference on Information Processing, Springer Verlag Publications in the Series of Communications in Computer and Information Sciences (CCIS), Springer, 157, (Aug 2011), pp. 81-86. View
39 2011 Mr. Manobendu Kesari Jena Clustering Algorithm: The Key to Unfold and Track Large Scale Net View
40 2011 Mr. Manobendu Kesari Jena Data Mining: a Healthy Tool for Your Information Retrieval and Text Mining International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol. 2 (5) , 2011, 2042-2045 View