Publication List

Sl No. Year Staff Name Topic Details Link
1 2011 Mr.J.mahesh kumar concept and development of modular VLIW processor based on FPGA using modified Methodology SP&ES, 8TH -10TH JULY,2011.CMR college of Engineering , HYDERABAD. View
2 2013 Mr.J.mahesh kumar Segmentation Process for (RF BASED)WLAN Location and Tracking System (PLIS) to Reduces the Calibration Effort NSAICT,BU,FEB,2013 View
3 2013 Mr.J.mahesh kumar Optimization of High dimensional real parameter with teaching learning based Minimization NCAET,MIP,Rayagada,MARCH,2013. View
4 2012 Mr.J.mahesh kumar Design and Implementation of a self motivated Arbitration scheme for ML AHB Busmatrix of ARM IJSETR,VOL-1,ISSUE-4,OCT,2012. View
5 2012 Mr.J.mahesh kumar Design and simulation of FFT processor for OFDMA system using FPGA IRNET,ICRTET, 2012 View
6 2012 Mr.J.mahesh kumar Multi-feature similarity score fusion for image retrieval based on Genetic Algorithm NCSPC-2012,GIET,BBSR View
7 2012 Mr.J.mahesh kumar Implementation of smart sensor with frequency to digital converter for FLOW MEASUREMENT using FPGA IJARST,VOL-1,ISSUE-2,DEC,2012 View
8 2013 Mr.J.mahesh kumar Design and Implementation of Sinusoidal pulse width modulation by Optimizing Harmonic Content IJETEE,MARCH,2013 View
9 2013 Mr.J.mahesh kumar Security of Wireless Sensor Networks with Public Key Crptography IJETEE,MARCH,2013 View
10 2014 Mr.J.mahesh kumar Power Efficient and Reuse of Memory For Silicon-on-Chip Communications with Steiner Graphs Based on Bus Matrix ALL INDIA SEMINAR ON TELECOMMUNICATION SWITCHING SYSTEMS AND NETWORKS CONDUCTED BY INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERS(INDIA) & ANDHRA UNIVERSITY(VISAKHAPATNAM) ON 30TH AND 31ST JAN,2014 View