MITS Innovation & Research Centre :: Rayagada

MIRC stands for MITS Innovation and Research centre. MIRC was thought and vision of the CEO of MITS and it came into shape in the early days of 2009. It started working in full fledge in July 2009 with a handful of students, who qualified the entrance and interview, belonging to final semester of B.Tech. Program from different branches.

MIRC is an independent centre fully dedicated for Research and Development work in various computing and allied fields like Bioinformatics and Robotics. The vision of MIRC is provide an infrastructure and an environment, which will encourage and motivate selected students, researchers and academicians from all fields in and outside the campus for pursuing high quality research oriented products in the field of Information Technology.

MIRC is equipped with start of art labs and computing facilities. A High Performance Supercomputer, an Apple Server, an Oracle server and a DNS server makes this centre, an independent but accessible in entire campus through networks. This entire system is connected through Internet with a connection having 10MBPS, provided by Relience. Such a Bandwidth is highest in and around Rayagada. Wipro and few of the other Organization are active in providing support and expertise in development of this centre.

MIRC is mainly meant for enhancing the talent and capabilities of student community and giving a scope for continuing advance researches in Computational fields. In future MIRC will provide service to the entire region by providing analyzed data related to Climate Calculations, Geography and Astronomy.

Initially, helped by the Department of CSE & IT, MIRC is in process of setting up its own protocols and independency. As an independent centre, MIRC encourages student and academicians from all the departments and schools belonging to the institute to work on the advanced areas of Computational research.

Among various activities, MIRC encourage its student to interact with eminent academicians and researchers. Students are encouraged and supported for presenting papers and their work in various tech fest and conferences. We at MIRC are in process of inviting renowned personalities to come and spend some of their quality time with our students. Such type of free discussion will encourage our student and will give rise to thinking and solving capabilities of our students.