Community Welfare

We are all social beings. We live in society and generally prefer to do so. Like us, all members of society desire to have the facilities of life and peace of mind. The noble people live in society only with the inspiring idea that all people in society should have their due share of happiness and benefits.It is through them that the spirit of community welfare evolves in the society.

In the spiritual sphere, predominant importance must be given to individual development.Yet, it is society that supplies most of the means for individual development.Food, clothing, housing and education are, in the normal course, the basic needs of the human being. If a society intends to live in peace, it should see to it that all members of the society have these basic needs fulfilled. Schemes of social welfare are undertaken in prosperous countries, with this purpose in view; other countries are also moving in this direction.The spirit of community welfare is thus firmly rooted in people's mind.