Chairman, MITS Group

Shri Balakrishna Panda
Chairman, MITS Group
Managing Trustee, BCT
Odisha Zonal Coordinator, Gayatri Parivar

Since the inception in 1999 MITS has been consistent in its upward gaze and has witnessed an immensely rewarding journey. The whole saga has been a pretty significant victory of truth.   Our motto to build an organization which contributes the best of intelligentsia and innovative technocrats thrives the enthusiasm in our system. We stick to our deep-rooted stand of strong foundation before sky-high achievements. You get to experience this in our imparting modalities.

MITS Group joining the leaders in industry has launched itself into the world of industry with MITS MEGA FOOD PARK. Along with a promise of employment for over 30000 (direct & indirect) it is sure to be the foremost in catering to the employment needs of the youth of this country. Students graduating from MITS College reserve the priority in the avenue of employment in our fresh industrial ventures. With this we ensure successful launch of your professional life.

We ensure that you score high on academic part of your education even as you fly first class in your profession life. In addition, we promise you a personal transformation and empower you from within to face the challenges of the ever-changing work life.

We wish you an excited and learning experience at MITS and welcome you to join the thousands who have experienced it for themselves.